Blackarkstudios Film and Horror podcasts we are listening to for the Week of November 18th – Downloads and Streaming

We listen to quite a few podcasts here at Black Ark Studios. Here is what we are listening to for the Week of November 18th, 2016

Female Filmmaker Friday Podcast on Maya Deren

Wrong Real: Expanding Our Consciousness Through Alejandro Jodorowsky

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Bill Teck and Marcus Pinn celebrate one of the finest movies about movies ever made, ‘Z Channel: A Magnificent Obsession’ (2004), directed by Xan Cassavetes.

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Hellbent for Horror Episode 020- The Devil You Don’t Know: 20 Horror Movies You May Not Have Seen

Dinner with Lynch #2 : Martin Kessler and Bradley J Kornish talk ‘Eraserhead’ and ‘The Elephant Man’

Dinner with Lynch #1 : James Hancock and Bradley J Kornish Talk Lynch’s Feature Films

Don’t forget to check out the guest appearance I made on the Wrong Reel Podcast with James Hancock were we discussed H.P. Lovecraft

We will update this post with listenable links on a regular basis.

If you have a podcast you think we would like, let us know so we can have a listen.

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